Fun Wine Facts

Fun Wine Facts

The famous W.C. Fields once said, ‘I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food!’ Clearly, you don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy the taste and benefits of a lovely vintage.

Wine education is something Harbor Hills’ General Manager Steve Henne enjoys sharing. To help explain correct wine service, vintage variation and quality differences, Steve depends on a local wine representative from Southern Wine and Spirits.

Fun Wine Fact #1: ‘Oenologists’ are chemists who analyze wine samples and advise winemakers.

The next wine dinner for forty members and their guests will be held at picturesque Harbor Hills on October 16. Steve always takes extra care to create a Fall menu of local, seasonal produce. A different wine will be served with each of four courses.

Lighter wines will be served with the appetizer and salad. Heavier wines are presented as we move throughout the meal, concluding with an exceptional sweet wine with dessert.

Fun Wine Fact #2: European wines are named after their geographical locations (e.g. Burgundy, Bordeaux) while non-European wines (Merlot, Pinot Noir) are named after grape varieties or ‘varietals.’

Our wine rep provides background information on each of these unique wines, including a short history of the individual vineyard. Harbor Hills wine dinners sell out quickly, so get your reservations in early! Call the clubhouse at 352-753-7000.

Fun Wine Fact #3: Women tend to be better wine testers because they have a better sense of smell than men!

For those members who can’t wait, our next Mingling Monday on September 14 includes the opportunity to try one of Steve’s new wines. Join us in the lounge for ‘Two for One’ drinks and light appetizers.

Final Fun Wine Fact: California, New York and Florida lead the United States in wine consumption! Cheers!