Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes


My friend and neighbor, John E. Bircher, III, COL, USA (Ret.), has generously shared his thoughts with me over many years. John’s extensive military experience provides a unique perspective. Today, I share a small portion of his comments on the heroes emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I want to pause today to say thanks to a segment of our population who is going forward into the unknown on behalf of me and countless other Americans. A special thanks to the National Guard and Reserve military men and women who have been called to active duty in these dangerous times. Thanks for the selfless dedication of our EMT’s, the hospital workforces, and the doctors and nurses who are caring for those most affected by the coronavirus.

I am thankful for our medical professionals, like Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, who bring their years of dedication to understand, cure, and prevent diseases. As was the case after 9/11, I will thank them every time I pass someone in scrubs or visit a clinic. I also want to thank the countless volunteers from those who work in medical facilities, to those who stay at home, yet sew face masks for their local medical personnel, to those who are cooking or delivering meals to shut-ins or those who are assisting at testing sites.  There are many more and for each of them I will forever be grateful.”

Our local heroes include Roseann Cochran and Nancy Flood who tirelessly sewed more than 190 masks. Donations were made to the Harbor Hills Server Relief Fund. John Bircher said it best. “Yes, I am a proud American and I give thanks for the millions of other proud and patriotic Americans who today are serving me.”

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