Holidays are times to gather around friends and family. In Harbor Hills, pets are considered a special part of the family. Our neighbors include shelter volunteers, a certified pet masseuse, veterinarians and agility trainers.

Jim and Roseann Cochran are owned by Pebbles, a four year old Shih Tzu. Pebbles was rescued in Texas. Pebbles made the trip home with the Cochrans and is enjoying a blissful life in Harbor Hills. A major supporter of dog rescue, Jim says, “Pebbles is our fourth rescue and each has been a wonderful companion. They seem to sense they are fortunate to have a forever family.”

Another bow-wow breakout story is that of Chris and Dana Delzio, owned by 12 year old Paulie the pound pup. Paulie was rescued in Orlando. He was initially so mean, he got his name from a gangster in the Sopranos! But after a month of adjustment, Paulie and his fur friends Mickey, Roger and Gracie are the best of friends. And lest you think pets have anything but the good life in Harbor Hills, Steve Stephens’ yellow lab Maggie has a golf cart of her very own! Maggie and her furry friend Bo patrol the neighborhood daily for pesky squirrels.

Laurie and Cliff Carpenter are actively involved with the Southeastern Guide Dog organization. They welcomed new puppy Scarlett into their family this year. Scarlett’s new job as the Lady Lake Library’s official reading dog begins on Wednesday.

During this holiday season, be mindful of your pets. Watch out for ornaments,wrapping or food hazards that can harm them. Donate toys, food or cash to local shelters. Support the Facebook group Lost Pets of The Villages. The group is a voice for animals locally.

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