John Natolly

John Natolly

It’s called the “Quarantine 15” and refers to the unwanted fifteen pounds of weight gain many of us are experiencing during the pandemic. WebMD cites a recent Nutrisystem survey that found as much as 76% of Americans have gained 16 pounds or more between March and July, 2020!

Challenges to staying fit are all around us. Snacking from stress or boredom is commonplace. Gym visits require heightened cleanliness and social distancing. Often, it’s difficult to find healthy food with the sporadic shortages on grocery store shelves. The key is to find a physical activity you enjoy and weight loss becomes the bonus!

Looking for a high calorie-burning activity? Racquet sports may be your answer. John Natolly, USPTA Elite Professional, is Director of Racquet Sports at Harbor Hills. John explains that the Racquet Sports Program provides significant exercise while promoting strength, balance and flexibility.

We have nine tennis, two short court and four pickleball courts with well-maintained Har-Tru (soft) surfaces. Beginning every Thursday, January 21st through April 1st, John is offering a weekly member program called “Cash Pot” tennis. Players chip in several dollars and play round robin tennis for the pot! It’s fun and open to all level players.

On January 23rd, residents are invited to play complimentary pickleball on “Residents Racquet Day,” starting at 9:30am. The ongoing Harbor Hills Tennis Doubles Championships are self-scheduled Round Robins, played through March 2021. All club and tennis members are eligible in Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Divisions.

John reminds us that positive experiences reinforce good habits. Find your own ways to make weight loss fun. Create new habits to beat the Quarantine 15 and start the New Year in a healthy way.

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