Hearts and flowers may signify young love, but they are also appreciated by the young at heart. Not surprisingly, we now have more Americans age 65 and older than at any other time in U.S. history.

Any wonder? We baby boomers started to turn 65 in 2011. According to AARP statistics, boomers turn 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day. And true to our boomer nature, we are redefining this life stage as we did all the others!

Longer life expectancy gives us the unique opportunity to celebrate marriage milestones as well as to form new relationships at older ages. For that reason, Christy Rich, Harbor Hills wedding coordinator, is kept busy with both weddings and vow renewal ceremonies.

“A vow renewal ceremony at Harbor Hills is very special,” she said. “It celebrates the value of an enduring relationship. Vow renewal says to the world, “I’d do it all over again.”

As we seniors and super-seniors know, milestone anniversaries are a celebration of love and gratitude. But as boomers will tell you, any occasion is a reason to celebrate.

A vow renewal can be elaborate, although most tend to be intimate and simple. Since the couple is already married, no additional paperwork or license is required. There is no need for a bridal registry, bridesmaids or groomsmen. To add a special touch, a close friend or adult child often officiates.

Whether it be a wedding to celebrate young love or a vow renewal for seniors, Christy organizes everything for the couple. The view from the Harbor Terrace overlooking Lake Griffin provides an extraordinary backdrop for the special day. To contact Christy for more information, call Harbor Hills at 352-753-7000.

I am also celebrating a special occasion. On May 25, 2015, my first article as Harbor Hills community columnist was published in The Daily Sun. It’s been an honor to bring you the news and activities of this distinctive community for the last eight years. Many thanks to my kind readers, The Villages Daily Sun and the developer of Harbor Hills, Michael Rich, for this unique opportunity.

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