Bonne Fête des mères! Feliz Día de la madre! Giorno di madre felice! Happy Mother’s Day to moms of every heritage and tradition! Congrats to the moms, stepmoms, grandmas, foster moms and pet moms. Mothers have a lasting influence on our lives. As any mom will tell you, motherhood is not for the faint of heart. It compels us to find our inner strengths and resolve. As we reflect on our own childhood, we recall both joys and disappointments. We inevitably pledge to do better, providing comfort, courage and confidence to our own families.

As mothers, we are not new to managing heavy burdens and radical change. But this year presented us with unique challenges in terms of enormous loss and isolation. Although the experience tested us in an extreme way, we are now anxious for active living to begin again.

Staying connected to one another, especially as we age, has renewed importance. Friendships are treasured with revitalized appreciation.  Every smile, every expression of joy, holds profound significance. Even the smallest giggle from a delighted child creates a special memory to be cherished.

Let’s take this time to reflect on the many qualities of motherhood in all its many forms.  It’s about awareness, imparting life lessons and overcoming adversity to find something greater within ourselves. Kindness and compassion. Resilience and resolve. Trust and faith. Balance and grace. Tolerance and healing. There is no better time to savor Life in all its beauty.

Happy Mother’s Day, today and every day!

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