Italian Club

“Mangia bene, Ridi spesso e Ama molto.” Eat well, laugh often, love much! This charming expression of joy is at the heart of the Harbor Hills Italian-American Club. The club honors Italian heritage and culture. Members take pride in their culinary skills and prepare Italian delights for their monthly meetings September through May. Club activities include dining at Italian restaurants, day excursions, extended trips and an end-of-season picnic. The annual Italian Open Golf Tournament is one of the club’s highlights.

All Harbor Hills residents of Italian heritage are encouraged to apply for membership. Dues are $5 per person per year. Non-Italian spouses or significant others are always included. The official club reporter for the Harbor Hills Quarterly newsletter is Ted Drzewiecki. Thanks to his efforts, each member’s birthday is acknowledged with an appropriate e-card.

Club President Joe Pulsone and Vice President John Matz welcome all residents and the public to a casino night and gala dinner-dance on Friday, November 4. Guests will be transported to “A Night In San Remo.”  The formal evening will also commemorate the 14th anniversary of the club.  Safia Valines and Tom Casey will provide the entertainment. Among her many musical talents, Safia specializes in the Italian tunes you will certainly recognize from childhood, if you were lucky enough to be Italian!

Event organizer Shirle Mabie and Deputies Carol DiDomenico, Nancy Steriti and Lina Hall have selected multiple choices of authentic dishes from different regions of Italy for the evening. This spectacular event has sold out quickly, but a waiting list is available. For more information on the gala, contact Shirle Mabie at shirlemabie@gmail.com or Carol DiDomenico at carol_d2211@hotmail.com.

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