Next Sunday we honor the fathers in our lives. They are the coaches, providers, protectors and spiritual guides. They are our fathers, grandfathers and their influence is profound.

To their sons, they set the example and start them on their life’s path. To their daughters, dads are their first love and a frequent predictor of their future choices in life. To the stepfathers who stepped up when no one else was around, to the dads who are raising kids alone, we appreciate you. To the grandfathers and father figures who set us on a positive, caring and productive path, we appreciate you.

Harbor Hills Country Club will celebrate Sunday with a special All You Care To Eat brunch featuring all of Dad’s favorites. You are warmly welcomed!  Call 352-753-7000 for required reservations.

For children in foster care, guardians ad litem perform a special service. Through the advocacy of these trained volunteers, the best interests of children are represented during dependency court proceedings. The program is state-mandated and prohibited from fundraising. To fill this gap, Voices for Children steps in. This 501(c)3 organization creates special events such as the upcoming auction and dinner July 16. All funds raised benefit more than 2,250 children in local counties including Lake, Marion and Sumter.

The children have been removed by the state for their protection. Compassion and help are needed now more than ever. Do you wish to make a difference? Have a speaker come to your organization, become a Guardian ad Litem volunteer, or make a tax-deductible donation. Visit www.voices4childrenfl.org. Contact Sue Carpenter, President at sue@voices4childrenfl.org or call 352-484-0319 for more information.

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