It has been well documented the incredible aerobic exercise you get while playing Tennis and Pickleball. The rhythm of vibrant total body movement followed by systematic resting intervals is one of the most efficient and accelerated ways to get in shape! A recent 30 year study indicated tennis players live as much as 10 years longer!Great news for you if you have been contemplating taking up TENNIS or even getting back into this fun and healthy lifestyle sport.
There is a lot of excitement at the Harbor Hills Racquets Center this year with most recently added fun racket sport – Pickleball. Typically played on macadam or concrete, a hard surface used in road and home construction, we are one of the very few clubs in the country to offer a “soft” playing surface to this extremely popular sport. To further enhance the playing comfort, we offer an outdoor location with greater wind protection for a truer ball flight, reduced noise, easy line calls, comfortable play, and convenient stadium viewing! Please come out and join in all the fun on Monday @ 4:15 pm, Thursday @ 2:00 pm, and Saturday @ 10:00 am.
Back by popular demand, we are offering our “Basic Tennis Fundamentals” Clinic for players on Thursday @ 9:00-9:45 am and our “Basic Pickleball Fundamentals” Clinic also on Thursday @ 1:00-1:45 pm. Sure to be a great time we focus on footwork, technique, and habit forming reactions with fast paced exercise and drills to sharpen up you shots ,while practicing a variety of repeated point winning situations.
Please make a note to enjoy short court on “Ladies Day” on Wednesday @ 10:00 am.
Short Court is played on a shorter 60 ft. court with a low compression, lighter tennis ball, resulting in longer rallies and more fun!”Men’s Day” is on Thursday @ 8:30 am. No reservations are needed and play is open to all ability levels.
I am extremely proud of our “Junior Stars” tennis program. The next eight week Fall Session is scheduled to begin March 23rd, so please sign your youngster up today! “Future Stars” classes for Boys and Girls ages 4-6 are scheduled for Saturdays @ 8:30-9:00am,“Rising Stars” ages 7-10 @ 9:00-9:45 am, and “Brightest Stars” ages 11-15 @ 9:45 am -10:30am. Tennis is always rated high by the experts for exercise and life long health benefits. It nurtures positive individual growth with appreciation of self and others, while emphasizing high values, ideals of personal integrity, good sportsmanship, fair play, and clear thinking to make sound decisions. If you would like a reminder startup “flier” sent to your email address, please let me know.
Please take the time to refresh yourself with the “Tennis Court Reservation Policies,” especially for busy 8:15am and 10:15am morning reservation times. We continue to add new members and guests, so the possibility of “walk on” courts are limited! Copies are always available at the Racquets Center.

Racquet Competitive Tip:
Let others cheer the winning man, as there is one I hold worth the while, is he who does his very best and loses with a smile! Anonymous

Looking forward to seeing you on the Courts!

John C. Natolly – USPTA Elite Tennis Professional
Director of Racquet Sports
Harbor Hills Country Club

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