Wonder what the Harbor Hills Garden and Women’s Club is planning for an outstanding 2017-2018 season? Club President Judy Monin guarantees members will be delighted by the variety of entertaining programs presented each month.

October’s inaugural event is entitled Native Florida Gardening. First-time gardeners and new residents face challenges with many aspects of Florida gardening. Master Gardeners from the Lake County Extension Office will answer all your questions.

Hailed as ‘the best experience to be had in the area,’ join us in November for an eco-nature tour of the extraordinary St. John’s River. Tour captains from Blue Heron River Tours are well-informed and provide wildlife viewing and photo ops. The river’s history is unique and interesting. You won’t want to miss this one!

To celebrate the festive month of December, Jody Nelson, owner of “The Spice and Tea Exchange” presents a Holiday Tea and Spices program. We’re excited to learn about the variety of spices and teas as well as fine sugars, holiday teapots and more.

Greet January, 2018 with a program of historic interest, thanks to Villages resident and historian Carolyn Kleinsmith. Her interesting facts about former First Ladies will surprise you! Patchington hosts our annual fashion show in February, with popular styles and beautiful models from where else?  The Harbor Hills community! Our March program takes us to Lake Wales and a tour of the historic gardens and extraordinary singing spire of Bok Tower.  

Just in time for Spring, 2018, April’s home design program features decorating hints and clever design tricks from local shop owners. Our May program will conclude the spectacular season with a Kentucky Derby party. Outrageous hats are encouraged!

Judy explains that this season there is ‘something for everyone.’ Membership is open to all Harbor Hills Country Club members. Contact Judy at moninjudy@gmail.com for information.