Storm recovery is in process and I hope that everyone made it through with the least amount of stress in these difficult circumstances. Having lived in this state for over fifty years, I can safely say it does not get easier with time. Every storm is daunting and unique.

That said, life goes on and the Harbor Hills Ladies Golf Association opens their 28th season on September 12th. Forty-six members will participate in a step-aside scramble. President Deb Markey and Vice President Wanda Kurka encourage all lady golfers who are club members to join this fun group.

Are you a fan of the Ryder Cup? The Harbor Hills version has become a tradition among golf members in our community. Twenty-five years ago, Bram Decker and Ray Goldwire created an event that was both fun for existing members and welcoming for new members. Renamed the Sider Cup, the tournament brings together our golfing community to enjoy the ten day event. This year, red team captain Dave DeCoster and blue team captain Bob Neese will announce pairings at the Captains Dinner on October 14th. The Harbor Hills Ladies Golf Association will hold their own red and blue golf tournament on October 15. This commemorative game is chaired by Becky Hanner and co-chaired by Janet White Cofer. Sider Cup festivities include a golf cart parade, skills challenge and cookout. The tournament concludes with an Awards dinner on October 20.

Speaking of traditions, the Veteran Golf Association is holding their National Championship on October 27-30 at the fabulous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. Eighty players from the Regional Championships were invited to compete. Congratulations and good luck to our friend and neighbor John Bircher who advanced to the National finals. ‘Upward and onward!’

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