Maintaining good health is what is on everyone’s mind these days. With well-being in mind, Bob and Maria Tracy have established a quaint farm featuring locally grown produce with an emphasis on nutrition and freshness.

In a short 10-minute drive from Harbor Hills, you will find Heather Oaks Farm. Located at 4240 Christmas Lane, this family farm harvests local produce just like the neighborhood farms we remember from childhood.  Bob and Maria Tracy own and operate the farm which grows seasonal blueberries and grapes that you can pick yourself.

Throughout the year, tomatoes, kale, squash, peas and lettuce are grown aquaponically. Maria explains that this environmentally-friendly process uses less water and provides greater nutrition than traditional farming. Customers can call in special orders for aquaponic vegetables and in about two weeks, the order will be ready.

Farm fresh eggs are plentiful and available daily at Heather Oaks. Maria insists on purchasing certified organic feed for her chickens. “Conventional feed is cheaper,” she explains, “but may contain additives or antibiotics.”

New for sale this year are plumeria plants in stunning colors. Also known as frangipani, the flowers are most fragrant in the evening. In Hawaii, a token of welcome includes a lei, frequently created with these colorful flowers.

With a backdrop of sunflowers and sweet-smelling herbs, the pheasant and quail leisurely meander around the farm. It’s a fun place to take the children or grandchildren to watch the grazing sheep up close and help pick seasonal berries. Harbor Hills residents enjoy the fresh monthly selections and invite you to enjoy as well.

Maria Tracy can be reached for egg orders at 352-516-4986. Visit https://heatheroaksfarm.com for more information.

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