Harbor Hills Ladies Charity

Harbor Hills Ladies Charity

 Kindness rocks!

Yesterday I found a glossy river rock that had the words “Make Today Great” painted brightly on its surface. What a worthy reminder that every day has huge potential! Painted rocks with inspirational messages are purposely left in public places, spreading love and kindness to others.

The Kindness Rock Project is now a viral trend. Photos of painted rocks and hints to their hidden spaces are often found on Facebook groups. Messages such as “Be Fearless”, “Live. Life. Well.” and “You’ve Got This” are popular inspirations. This worldwide phenomenon has only three guidelines: Take one for inspiration. Make one for motivation. Be kind!

Kindness and compassion drive the programs of the Harbor Hills Ladies Charity. The 28th Annual Holiday Golf Tournament was followed by a 50/50 drawing, raffle baskets, a silent auction and dinner. Chairperson Lin McLeod announced that the December event broke another record! The Charity will donate over $43,000 to help the less fortunate. Funds are distributed to families who need nutritious food, individuals with mobility and learning issues and local children who require proper school clothing. Funds also support victims of domestic violence and young adults who have aged out of foster care.

Helping others is what drew Harbor Hills’ Frankie Smith to the Beautiful Girls Project. Frankie heard Chef Ze Carter of Leesburg’s Kitch’n Lyfe Skills Inc. speak about overlooked needs for girls. The mission of the project is to donate products and funds to disadvantaged girls. Products include individually wrapped toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste and feminine hygiene products. For more info, contact Frankie at frankie.hellobeautiful@gmail.com. Sponsors and volunteers are needed.

Remember that one small rock and a few kind words can make a big difference in someone’s day.

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