Kindness rocks!

Yesterday I found a glossy river rock that had the words “Make Today Special” painted brightly on its surface. What a worthy reminder that every day has huge potential.

Painted rocks with inspirational messages are purposely left in public places, spreading kindness to others. The Kindness Rock Project is now a viral trend. This phenomenon has only three guidelines: Take one for inspiration. Make one for motivation. Be kind. One small rock and a few kind words can make a big difference in someone’s day.

Kindness and compassion drive the programs of the Harbor Hills Ladies Charity, a 501 (c) (3) charity. In 2022, the charity donated more than $40,000 to help the less fortunate. Funds were distributed to the Christian Food Pantry, Lake Hills School, Fruitland Park Elementary, Community Medical Care Center, Villages Elementary of Lady Lake, The Haven and Forward Paths. A generous gift of $12,500 from Harbor Hills was donated to Lake Hills School.

The Harbor Hills Ladies Charity is proud to announce the 13th annual Unique Boutique clothing sale at the Lady Lake United Methodist Church. The public sale starts on March 23, 8am to 2pm and continues on March 24, 8am to 2pm. Volunteers have been working tirelessly for months collecting gently used, new or almost new items. You will find clothing for women, men and children. Linens, accessories, costume jewelry and shoes will be on sale at great prices. Every sale supports local schools, food pantries and organizations that need our help.

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