The first Monday in September is Labor Day, a celebration of our country’s workforce. This is a special day that honors the American labor movement and pays tribute to the working men and women who help our economy prosper. It originated in 1882 as a “Workingman’s Holiday,” honoring the industrial foundation of our great country.

Could those hardworking men and women ever imagined how labor has changed? Today, information and communications technology has altered almost every aspect of familiar tasks. Speaking into my television remote to change channels amazes me. I remember getting off the couch to change the channel! The camera on my phone is more powerful than the one around my neck. The corona virus has made us even more dependent on technology. Face Time and Zoom visits have unfortunately replaced real-life visits with family members out-of-state. Even a doctor visit can be managed through our computer screens.

To help us recall the original spirit of Labor Day, I have a challenge for you. Give yourself the day off from your daily tasks. Log off that computer, tablet and cellphone that connect you to your daily routine. Then relax and appreciate a device-free afternoon of safely social distancing with friends, a scrapbook-inspired walk down memory lane or any device-free hobby that you enjoy.

Harbor Hills Country Club members and guests are celebrating Labor Day in style. Red, white and blue decorated carts are making their way down our picturesque fairways in a 4-person scramble. A traditional Labor Day cookout follows, complete with prizes and plenty of community camaraderie.

Honor those hardworking Americans we celebrate today. Stay safe and welcome to our returning residents and those new to our area.

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