Peacock at Harbor Hills

A legend is a story passed down through generations. It is often fact-based with a touch of the mystical. Did you know that Harbor Hills has a legend all its own? Forty years ago, the story goes, a traveling salesman purchased several peacocks to keep his wife company while he was on the road. The property was adjacent to what would become Harbor Hills.

Over the years, the peacocks found their way to our community. Visitors are now greeted with an unusual sign: “Peacock Crossing.” Countless generations of peacocks have graced Harbor Hills in the fifteen years that David and I have lived here. Perched by the clubhouse entrance and proud as peacocks always are, they greet visitors and residents alike. It takes up to three years for the peacocks’ train of feathers to fully develop. When spread out in the sunlight like a shimmering fan, nothing is more graceful.

Bluebirds have also found a welcoming home in Harbor Hills. Follow the footpaths and you will notice nest boxes perched several feet above the ground. Thirty boxes are scattered throughout the community. Several years ago, neighbors Bill Stone and Jim Griffith built habitats specifically for these colorful birds. Typically seen as symbols of happiness, bluebirds create their nests from March through August. Estimates are that 150 baby bluebirds are added to our Bluebird Trail annually.

Caring for animals of all kinds is prevalent in our community. Neighbors include shelter volunteers, a certified pet masseuse, veterinarians and agility trainers. From babysitting guide dogs to raising money for essential veterinary care, Harbor Hills residents are proud supporters of programs and services to help pets of all kinds.

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