As the New Year begins, there are unlimited opportunities to make it special. The events of 2020 have greatly impacted our environment and social lives. But if we adhere to the recommended precautions and proceed in a safe way, we can still have a lot of fun.

Think about what will make the New Year enjoyable. Each of us has different hobbies and interests that makes us happy, give us peace and feeds our souls. Are there skills that you have always wanted to develop but never had the chance? Now is the time! Learn a new language or refine your culinary skills. There’s yoga, painting, playing an instrument or cultivating bonsai. Our community fosters interest in so many different skills. They are all worth a try.

Adventure may be curtailed by stringent airline precautions and the current state of the cruise industry. But we don’t have to eliminate trips from our bucket lists. A visit to nearby Harbor Hills Country Club for a spectacular view of Lake Griffin, a trip to local Heather Oaks Farm or a drive to the Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area can ignite an interest you didn’t know you had!

Getting started on a creative project can be simple and rewarding. We can landscape our gardens, craft cards or update our memoirs and scrapbooks. How about learning brewing techniques to create our own beer at home?

We Seniors have the benefit of age and wisdom. As we get older, we realize that happiness comes more from within than from external events in our lives. Starting the New Year with a positive, productive and creative approach can be an exciting and fun adventure.

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