Labor Day 2020


Today is Labor Day, a celebration of our county’s workforce. This is a special day that honors the American labor movement and pays tribute to the working men and women who help our economy prosper. It originated in 1882 as a “working man’s holiday,” honoring the industrial foundation of our great country.

Could those hardworking men and women ever imagined how labor has changed? Today, information and communication technology has altered every aspect of our familiar tasks. And I readily admit to taking instruction from my eight year old granddaughter on how to use emojis and text attributes effectively!

The coronavirus has made us even more dependent on technology as we self-isolate within our homes. Facetime and Zoom visits have replaced the real-life visits with loving family members out of state. However, a new ritual is gaining in popularity and we seniors can participate. Give yourself the day off from daily tasks. Power down that cellphone, laptop and iPad that tethers you to your daily routine. Then appreciate a device-free afternoon of safely social distancing with friends, a scrapbook-inspired walk down memory lane or any device-free hobby that you enjoy.

Exciting new programs for Harbor Hills’ popular clubs and charities are in planning for the coming year. All ladies who are residents of Harbor Hills are invited to join the Harbor Hills Ladies Charity. The virus may alter the way we typically raise funds. Regardless, all proceeds are donated to helping those less fortunate who reside in our area.

Honor those hardworking Americans we celebrate on Labor Day. Fun activities await even while wearing masks and abandoning our devices. Stay safe and welcome to our returning residents and those new to our area.

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