What is the secret to sticking to our New Year’s resolutions? According to the newest research, February 1 is the day we call it quits! Despite the prevailing “New Year-New Me” mentality, one in seven Americans never truly believe they’ll adhere to their resolutions at all.

Most meaningful change happens slowly, one day at a time. Author Tanya Richardson suggests that when goals are infused with self-love, they become easier to accomplish. Keep it simple and build in some healthy rewards, such as a small treat or an at-home spa day.

Fitness is an integral part of prolonging and enjoying our lives. It is always high on the list of New Year resolutions. Harbor Hills neighbor Regi Chapin leads a Low Impact Aerobics class three times a week in the Harbor Room. Club members can join the group for a fun exercise that reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves strength. Email Regi at regchape@gmail.com for more information.

To strike the balance between our fitness goals and expectations, fitness coach Blake Bolen provides some insight. She explains that strength training makes a major difference in senior health. It lessens the symptoms of chronic conditions such as back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis. Bolen offers group sessions at Harbor Hills Country Club twice per week as well as individual training sessions. Her company Athletix includes in-home training sessions and virtual Zoom calls. To schedule a workout, contact Bolen at 937-305-6908 or email Blake.Bolen2009@gmail.com.

When trying to create big changes, we need to give ourselves room to fall short. Having bite-sized goals and infusing them with self-love increases our chances of maintaining a healthy change.

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