One of the most important things we can do to manage anxiety is to stay rational and calm. We are washing our hands diligently, drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and social distancing. What else can we seniors do to feel calm and use our time enjoyably?

  • It’s time to catch up on those movies! Choose something lighthearted such as comedies and old favorites.
  • Embrace crafting such as quilting, woodworking and card-making. Learn a new skill. Experiment with cooking. It’s a perfect time for that new recipe!
  • Work your brain with free on-line games such as crossword puzzles and sudoku. Try short Ted Talks at ted.com. Or a free on-line language course at duolingo.com.
  • Relax with a book. Don’t forget Audible.com for on-line story-telling. It’s the largest source of audiobooks in the world.
  • The power of meditation and breathing exercises is well-documented. Stretching, dancing and breathwork reduce stress and restore energy.
  • Now is a perfect time to write that poem or memoir. “The Book of Me” poses questions to prompt creativity.
  • Take a virtual trip! Use Google maps to explore the world from your living room. Take a trip to Kangaroo Island in Australia or snorkel in French Polynesia. How about a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon? The possibilities are limitless.
  • Visit family on Facetime or Skype. The smiles of children and grandchildren can make a big difference. Send a virtual hug!

Finding ways to relax and feel comforted help us stay positive as we move through this temporary situation. Note: The Harbor Hills Ladies Charity Unique Boutique scheduled for Thursday and Friday has been cancelled. The sale resumes next year.

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