Dads for a Day

“Happiness,” it is said, “is when you realize your children have turned out to be good people.” Raising successful people takes a combination of patience, guidance, understanding and resourcefulness. Often, family circumstances are less than ideal. That is the case with many children who have lost their fathers. The reasons are varied and include Dads who have died in combat, passed away due to health issues or sadly, abandoned their families.

Raising boys without Dads is the problem Curtis Ostrander seeks to address. He is the founder of ‘Dads For A Day,’ a faith-based volunteer nonprofit agency serving fatherless boys ages 9-14 years in Central Florida. One in three children in our area lives in homes without fathers. In the program, each boy is paired with a mentor. Modeling positive social behaviors, instilling work ethics and nurturing confidence are the hopeful outcomes of these close relationships.

Harbor Hills neighbor Peter Steriti has been a mentor for two and a half years. “Dads For A Day,” Peter says, “gives me the opportunity to make a difference in a boy’s life. It’s both humbling and rewarding.” Steriti lost his Dad when he was only thirteen years old. Although he lived alone with his mom, they were surrounded by a large traditional Italian family and caring community in Boston’s ethnic North End. Cooking is about creating memories and that’s exactly what Peter and his mom did. Peter preserved the recipes and created a cooking website, www.luciatramonte.com. The site is named in honor of his mother. Lucia Tramonte was her maiden name.

Frederick Douglass said, “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Become a positive role model by contacting 269-945-2744. Help to build a better world, one boy at a time.

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