News from Harbor Hills Country Club

News Harbor Hills Country Club

News Harbor Hills Country Club

By: Ted Drzewiecki

Exciting news from Harbor Hills Country Club so, we move along two weeks into February for our next event extraordinaire. Carol and Lee DiDomenico host and referee our first international meatball festival and contest on February 9th.

The IAC has been in negotiations with the developer about putting in a bocce court to add to the list of Harbor Hills amenities such as golf, tennis, pickleball, and racquetball that makes it so much fun to live here. Bocce Ball chairman Bill Tarinelli he is working with club general manager on bringing this addition to fruition. We visualize men’s, women’s and couples’ leagues playing the great Italian game of Bocce. More on this to come. Right now, we’re working on where to put it. Stay tuned for further developments.

Our March 9th meeting will include Bingo at the Grand Oaks Bistro. We’ll have dinner at 5PM and then play. The early start is because the bistro closes at 8pm. There will be a pre-selected menu to choose from. Make sure you get your reservations in early as we are limited to 35 people.

The April IAC Meeting will be at Casa Barbara and Bill Tarinelli’s on April 7th.

The May IAC meeting and picnic will be on Sunday, May 7th and will be our last meeting of the season. Our genial hosts will be Giac and MaryJane Modica. Sausage and peppers prepared by the master himself, Giac that is, will be on the front page of the menu.

Watch out for emails with more details to follow. As is our tradizione ever’body they bring something like antipasti, insalati e primi e secondi piatta (lots of pasta would be good) and, of course lot’s of dolce. Tiramisu is bene e cannoli is fantastico. Anybody wanna try for some flan? You have two months to plan this out! Make sure you let Debi Matz know if you’re coming and what you will bring.

Is your Club shirt beginning to look a bit washed out? It’s-a been about 8 years since we got the first ones. Carol DiDomenico she checked on these, so, anyone wanting a new club shirt they should go to Custom Apparel in the Southern Trace Shopping Center on Route 466 to pick out and try on a style of WHITE shirt. Shirts with pockets are available especiale for Ted who needs somewhere to put his pens and glasses. Make-a sure you mention that you are with the Harbor Hills Italian-American Club. The price for each shirt is $26.49 and if you wanna be pretty fancy you can pay an extra $5.99 to have your name embroidered just-a like your Mamma would-a done it.

Everybody, you should have a wonderful primavera and estiva. Arrivederci amici, alla prossima volta!

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