Fitness is an integral part of enjoying and prolonging our lives. Exercise helps develop muscle tone and improves our balance and posture. As seniors, we have the added issue of managing the strains and pains of aging. The effects of the pandemic have also challenged us to balance our fitness goals with realistic expectations.

Fitness coach Blake Bolen is sure we can strike that balance. Athletic as a youth, Bolen struggled with fitness after having two children and overcoming life’s many challenges. Her significant comeback to health and fitness is a reminder that it’s never too late to get your health back. Maintaining health and strength is a step to creating positive change for both body and mind.

Bolen coaches all ages from kids to seniors but her specialty is working with those of us with limitations. She starts training where her clients are at, no matter how slow or small. A short warm up begins the session and then moves to strength training. Full body or free weights are often included, always within the limits of her clients. Cardio is critical. Stretching and yoga complete the session.

Bolen explains that strength training makes a major difference in senior health. It lessens the symptoms of chronic conditions such as back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis. “The first and best victory is to conquer self” is her inspirational motto. In the last four years, Bolen has expanded her company Athletix to include in-home training sessions and virtual Zoom calls. You can also find Bolen inspiring Harbor Hills Club members twice a week in group training sessions. For more information or to schedule a workout, contact Bolen at 937-305-6908 or email Blake.Bolen2009@gmail.com.

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