Colorful flowers, fresh air and fun all are facet of springtime. In celebration, Harbor Hills invites you to enjoy an exceptional Easter brunch on Sunday, April 17. Enjoy the hot buffet and carving table. Luscious cakes and pies await on the dessert table! Bottomless champagne and mimosas are $10. Adult cost is $41.99. Pricing for children ages 5-12 is $16.99. Children ages 5 and under eat free. Seating times are 11 am-4 pm. Call 352-753-7000 for prepaid, nonrefundable tickets.

“Standing on their shoulders,” our local celebration of women’s suffrage and the International Women’s Day was a resounding success. As Women’s History Month draws to a close, honor the women who have etched a significant place in our lives. Actress Betty White has been a long-standing symbol for the energy and creativity of the “older woman.” Her television career began in the late 1930’s. She passed away on December 31, 2021, three weeks short of her 100th birthday.

White’s longevity lessons are simple. Acting gave her life purpose. Living life with purpose improves mental and physical well-being. Find your passions and nourish them. White’s next lesson is to find joy. Joy is all around us in simple things.

Supporting causes is White’s third lesson. Her philanthropy is legendary. She was an ardent advocate for animal welfare. We lose our worries caring for others. Her last lesson is one we know well: live in the present. Mindfulness and meditation are food for our souls.

Be especially cognizant of White’s example. Reach out to others with kindness and empathy. Wishing my readers an abundance of joy throughout the upcoming holidays and hearts filled with love, gratitude and reflection.

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