Meals To Go

The family life of a small business owner is one I know well. My Dad was a small business owner in New York. Our family vacations were scheduled around his work and busy seasons. That experience has given me an appreciation for small businesses suffering from the impact of the pandemic. Supporting our local businesses and clubs is critical for a robust economic life after COVID-19.

Have you been shopping on-line? If your local shop has a website, you can shop at home and have items delivered. Think about a local shop before placing that Amazon order.

The term “Grab and Go” is now a familiar part of our lexicon. Consider extra items that can be frozen to enjoy at a later time. Check out http://ubereats.com for local options. Purchasing gift cards provides an influx of cash to your favorite restaurant, shop or club. Gift cards for designated amounts from the Harbor Hills Pro Shop can be redeemed for golf, instruction or merchandise.

Harbor Hills is offering some delicious ways to support our club. “Take Home Dinners” are available every Wednesday and Friday and they are yummy! On Saturdays, grab a burger and two beers for $12. Make Sundays fundays by ordering and picking up “Family Dinners.” And the Grille Room offers a limited lunch menu to go every day.

The Harbor Hills Server Relief Fund, started by member Tom Warren, helps offset gratuities that our servers are losing. The Mask Project, created by Roseann Cochran and Nancy Flood, resulted in 191 mask requests. Monetary donations support the server relief fund. The efforts and giving hearts of this unique community are worthy of special recognition. #hhlifeaftercorona

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