Perfect Time

Vow Renewal Ceremony

An expression of love has always been special. These days, it is more precious than ever. As our country slowly reopens, now is the perfect time to strengthen our personal faith and reinforce bonds with those we love.

For that reason, Christy Rich, Harbor Hills wedding coordinator, promotes early planning for both weddings and vow renewal ceremonies. Even a small gathering provides the opportunity to celebrate connectedness and renew an appreciation for our lives.

“A vow renewal ceremony at Harbor Hills is very special,” Christy explains. It celebrates the value of an enduring relationship. Vow renewal says to the world, ‘I’d do it all over again.’”

Whether it be a wedding to celebrate young love or a vow renewal for seniors, Christy organizes everything for the couple. The view from the Harbor Terrace overlooking Lake Griffin provides an extraordinary backdrop for the special day.

Our youngest daughter can attest to that! She and her husband will celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary this week. They were married at Harbor Hills in an international ceremony in 2008, attended and enjoyed by relatives from Ireland, Scotland and England. For more information, contact Christy at 352-753-7000 or crich@harborhills.com.

I am also celebrating an anniversary event. On May 25, 2015, my first article as Harbor Hills community columnist was published in The Villages Daily Sun. It has been a delight to bring you the news and activities of this distinctive community for the last five years. Many thanks to my kind readers, the diligent Daily Sun editorial staff and the developer of Harbor Hills, Michael Rich. Apart from the Great American Novel I have yet to write, this has been a dream come true.

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