In a world that is characterized by increasingly less service and human interaction, the personal touch, the human connection, the art of the conversation, the growing of deep personal relationships, the bonds that tie us together have lost their way.  Machines answer customer service calls and then are outsourced to distant lands. Text messaging has replaced conversation. Waiting in line with a pager has replaced reservations. Youtube has become our “expert” for all things. Large commissary kitchens prepare food that is reheated at our local restaurant chains where quality decisions are made by an accounting department in a far away land.  Your favorite local grocery store now has self checkout lanes.

At Harbor Hills, our friendly concierge staff answer member’s calls 7 days a week.  Members walk into our pro shops and are greeted by name and with a smile. Our staff knows their game, knows who they pair with, knows their families, and have personal relationships that matter and our important to them with our members.  Our PGA and USPTA Professionals provide expertise to suit your specific game, enhancing your performance, and enjoyment. What is the value of your driver if it doesn’t fit your swing? What is the value of your tee time when it is made at a time that is not convenient for you and without the camaraderie of playing with fellow members?

Members walking into our Signature Grille or other dining events are greeted by staff members who know their name, know their children’s names, know their dietary restrictions, often pour their favorite drinks before they are even ordered and are served with a friendly and familiar smile.  At our recent Tableside Dining event, members were delighted by an incredible meal with the personal attention and detail that can only be provided as an amenity to your country club membership.

Yes, we have incredible facilities.  Yes, they are delivered at an extraordinary value.  Most importantly Harbor Hills Country Club is a place where members experience camaraderie, fun, joy, fellowship and the contentment nurtured through the relationships they share with their fellow members and club staff.  Recently I witnessed 2 long time members who came to have lunch by themselves and immediately invited each other to have lunch together. The value of their relationship cannot be measured by dollars and cents. Our General Manager orders wine by the case for several members and keeps them in our cellar.  Harbor Hills Country Club provides countless personalized services like this to our members on a daily basis.

So the next time your call is transferred to an offshore call center, you wait in line to eat mediocre reheated food, endlessly search the internet to improve your game and buy equipment, aimlessly walk around a big box store to end up checking yourself out, jump through hoops to book an unwanted tee time, hop in your golf cart and come up to the club where the value of your club membership is not measured in dollars and cents but by the lifelong relationships that matter the most in life.

Adam Rich

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