This week we made the hard decision to cancel our summer trip to Boston. I know you miss your children and grandchildren as much we we do. Sadly, the coronavirus has delayed not only the timing of our trips, but the way in which we travel. The risks we’re willing to accept, especially as seniors, will surely make the world look different. But when it’s safe to travel again, changes are expected and surprisingly, may even be welcomed.

To encourage travel and fill empty seats, airlines will enhance frequent flyer miles with bonus miles and other incentives. This may be a great time to cash in! Dream trip, anyone? The middle airline seat will also need some re-thinking. Will the empty middle seat become commonplace? Delta, for one, shows a seat map with the middle seats blocked to provide some physical distance. That will certainly be a welcome change.

More space in our airports is forthcoming. How will those packed security lines be handled? It’s hard to imagine how any personal space requirement could be implemented in the Orlando airport, but I’m all for it!

From Disney, to airports, to destination spots and more, travel will be transforming in unexpected ways. Exactly what the changes will look like is anyone’s guess. For now, relying on community feels safe and familiar. Harbor Hills is making that possible in so many ways.

Dinners are available to members on Wednesdays and Fridays, take home or eat in. Our spectacular Sunday brunch is served from 11AM to 2PM. The public is welcome. The Grille Room, open to the public and available daily, offers both seating and a delicious Grab and Go meal. All aspects of service are in accordance with CDC guidelines including seating and limited customer entry.

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