The tree-lined streets of Harbor Hills are a dog-walkers dream. David and I meet our favorite four-legged friends on our daily walk. Harbor Hills residents Cliff and Laurie Carpenter are dog lovers, too. They care for Southeastern Guide Dogs being raised in The Villages.

New pup Scarlett was welcomed into the Carpenter’s family in 2019. Scarlett is a certified therapy dog and Lady Lake Library’s official Reading Dog. She has her own corner in the library. Children can now schedule reading time with Scarlett every Wednesday at 3PM. The Lady Lake Library’s Facebook page features a video of Scarlett hard at work. Don’t miss it for a smile!

Southeastern Guide Dog puppy raisers provide full-time care until the pup is 14-16 months old. Home activities provide socialization, where the pup learns how to respond appropriately to different situations. After tender goodbyes, the future guide dog returns to headquarters in Palmetto, Florida. Founded in 1982, the organization places more than 100 dogs each year with adults, children with visual impairments and veterans with PTSD. These extraordinary dogs transform lives at no cost to the recipients.

The organization relies solely on volunteers and philanthropy. In addition to donations, the organization holds annual walkathons. This year, the May 1st Walkathon will be virtual. Raffle tickets for the May 10th drawing can be purchased for a Grand Prize of $10,000 and five $1,000 prizes. Raffle tickets are $20 a sheet of five tickets or $5.00 each. Laurie will deliver or pick up as needed. She is Captain of our Walkathon Team, Tri-County pups, trending first overall. Join us at Tri-County pups on the Southeastern Guide Dogs web page, http://participate.guidedogs.org/ or call Laurie at 352-751-0328 for more information.

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