Angel Snugs

Angel Snugs.org

Looking to keep that blissful feeling of gratitude and love all year long? Angel Snugs is a perfect solution! Harbor Hills resident and friend Bobbie Powell started our local group four years ago. Since then, this 501 (c)(3) has grown along with three flourishing Angel Snugs groups from The Villages.

Angel Snugs was started in 2006 in Sanford by Angi Farrugia. Today, talented men and women put their crochet, looming and knitting skills to good use. The groups create imaginative hats for children undergoing radiation, chemotherapy and other oncology procedures. Hats are sent to 82 hospitals covering 32 states, Canada and Mexico. Twelve Florida hospitals regularly receive these hats or “snugs”. The children choose their own hats and the most imaginative snugs are in demand. Envision a hat with yarn fashioned as a pony tail, curly worms or Mickey and Minnie Mouse! A remarkable 210 snugs, headbands and scarves crafted as snowmen, Grinches, and Christmas trees arrived in hospitals in time for this holiday. To date, 72,000 snugs and accessories have been sent to pediatric oncology units.

Have a caring heart but only a half hour a week to spare? Volunteers can create a loomed hat in thirty minutes. The group of men and women meet at Water Oak Clubhouse on the second and fourth Wednesdays from 1-4PM. Patterns, yarn and help are free and available to help new members create that first “snug” or warm hug. Just give your name at the gate and say “Angel Snugs.” Please join us.

Bobbie’s message is heartfelt. “This is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference and bring smiles to a children’s oncology ward.” Yarn donations are appreciated. Call Bobbie at 352-678-5679 or visit angelsnugs.org.

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