Looking to share that feeling of love and gratitude all year long? The local group Abundance of Love is the perfect solution. Harbor Hills resident Bobbie Powell explains that this unique alliance of crafters meet in one of four groups in The Villages or Water Oak. With the assistance of area organizer Jen Smith, talented men and women put their crochet, looming and knitting skills to good use.

The focus of Abundance of Love is intentionally local. Nearby hospitals, hospices, cancer support groups, food pantries and schools with populations of underserved children are regular recipients. “We have over 150 extremely talented men and woman who create almost everything requested,” Bobbie explains.

The group is request-driven and fulfills local needs of all types. Included are hats for oncology patients, isolette covers, lap blankets, scarves and masectomy aids. Colorful shawls are donated as part of Advent Health Waterman’s Butterfly Project for hospice care. Creations include medical dolls, cuddly dolls given to children before surgery to reduce fear. Oncology nurse Natalie Rodriguez praised the group on behalf of The Villages Cancer Center. “You’ve made our patients feel comforted, special, loved and more importantly, hopeful.”

On March 11, Abundance of Love will host a fashion show and luncheon at Everglades Rec Center. Tickets are available beginning February 1. Contact Bobbie at bobbiekpowell@gmail.com for more information.

Have a caring heart but only a half hour a week to spare? Volunteers can create a loomed hat in thirty minutes. The group meets at the Water Oak Clubhouse on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 1-3PM. Won’t you share your talents, yarn donations or time to help?  Call Bobbie at 352-678-5679 or Jen at 352-250-3431.

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