Dr. Jay Shaktawat

We are fortunate to have a large number of health care workers and hospital personnel in our community. Among our residents are physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, lab technicians, aids and helpers. Delivering quality care is what motivates them to keep us healthy.

Harbor Hills resident Dr. Jay Shaktawat is one of our many local physicians on the front lines. He explains that the COVID 19 infection is on the rise. Social distancing and wearing facemasks are critical safeguards. Dr. Jay encourages everyone to get immunized. Keep checking county health department websites for registration updates. Did you know you can register to get vaccine updates on your cell phone?

Side effects of the vaccine might include chills, headache, joint or muscle pain. But Dr. Ana Karovska of Quality Physician Group, reminds us not to be deterred. She explains that most side effects are temporary. Patients are followed post-immunization to insure that rare adverse reactions are quickly resolved.

Outdoor activities pose a lesser risk than indoor activities. Dr. Jay suggests taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings with daily pursuits such as walking, gardening, racquet sports and golf. “Harbor Hills has a beautiful golf course, ” Dr. Jay continues, “and residents and visitors should take advantage of it.”

Many of Dr. Jay’s patients who are over 65, struggle with chronic conditions. He recommends limiting our exposure in several crucial ways. Avoid large gatherings. Face masks and social distancing are essential. Eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis and building our immune systems help keep us protected.  Simple advice, but it bears repeating. As Dr. Jay says, “We are all in this together as a team. Let’s win our fight against this pandemic.”

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